[News] Siebte MKWii-Liga-Saison beendet!

geschrieben von Heringway - 19.10.2009 - 19:30

Am gestrigen Tag haben wir unsere siebte (!) MKWii-Liga-Saison beendet.

Mehr lesen Saison-Ergebnisse:

Überraschend viele Teilnehmer haben diesmal leider gar nicht die erforderlichen 32 Rennen absolviert, um in die Wertung mit aufgenommen zu werden. Besonders ärgerlich für Nohi, der durchschnittlich gesehen sogar mehr Punkte hatte als ich - aber wenn eben vier Rennen fehlen... crazy'
So habe ich also einen glanzlosen Liga-Sieg feiern können - alles in allem bin ich aber doch recht zufrieden.

So - aber wie soll es nun weitergehen? Nächsten Sonntag die selbe Prozedur wie immer oder doch was ganz anderes? Wird mal wieder Zeit für eine Diskussion im Forum. wink



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obtrusi Kevin De Bruyne Pelipaidat ve independence which so often wounds us Parajumpers Naiset Light Long Bear is, if viewed aright, but an outward sign of those good things which a new country Kevin De Bruyne Pelipaidat has produced for Parajumpers Naiset Light Long Bear its people. Men and women do not beg in the States; the Goedkope Atletico Madrid Voetbalshirts y do not offend you with tattered rags; they do not complain to heaven of starvation; they do not crouch to the Goedkope Atletico Madrid Voetbalshirts ground for half-pence. If poor, they are not abject in their poverty. They read and write. They walk like human beings made in God’s Peuterey Femme Challenge Yd Pas cher form. They know that they are men and women, owing it to themselves and to the world that they should earn their bread by their labor, but feeling that when earned it is their own. If this be so, if it be acknowledged that it is so, should not such knowledge in itself be sufficient testimony of the success of the country and of her institutions?
The End
Chapter 1 ‘Haste to the Wedding’
‘Wooed and married and a’.’
‘Edith!’ said Margaret, gently, ‘Edith!’
But, as Margaret half suspected, Edith had fallen asleep. She lay curled up on the sofa in the Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Kiina Paidat back drawing-room in Harley Street, looking very lovely in her white Camisetas Roma Baratas muslin and blue ribbons. If Titania had ever been dressed in white muslin and blue ribbons, Camisetas Badstuber Baratas and had fallen asleep on a crimson damask sofa in a back drawing-room, Edith might have been taken for her. Margaret was struck afresh by her cousin’s beauty. They had grown up together from childhood, and all along Edith had been remarked upon by every one, except Margaret, for her prettiness; but Margaret had never thought about it until the last few days, when the prospect of soon losing her Camisetas Gundogan Baratas companion seemed to give force to every sweet quality and charm which Edith possessed. They had been talking about wedding dresses, and wedding ceremonies; and Captain Lennox, and what he had told Edith about her future life at Corfu, where his regiment was stationed; and the difficulty of keeping Doudoune Moncler Femme Longue Pas cher a piano in good tune (a difficulty which Edith seemed to consider as one of the most formidable that could befall her in her married life), and what gowns slinks:




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o his wig?” and so saying, I cocked my hat Ralph Lauren Manches Longues Pas Cher , and walked out o Maglia Manchester City f the Marquis’s place, whistling “Garryowen.”
I knew my man would not be long in following Ralph Lauren Manches Longues Pas Cher me, and waited for him in the Place Vendome, where I luckily met Eugene too, who was looking at the picture-shop in th Maglia Olympique de Marseille e corner. I explained to him Maglia Manchester City my affair Maglia Olympique de Marseille in a twinkling. He at once agreed to go with me to the ground, and commended me, rather than otherwise, for refusing the offer which had been made to me. “I knew it would be so,” he said, kindly; “I told my father you wouldn’t. A man with the blood of the Fogarties, Phil my boy, doesn’t wheel about like those fellows of yesterday.” So, when Cambaceres came out, which he did presently, with a more furious air than before, I handed him at once over to Eugene, who begged him to name Veste & Blouson Pas cher a friend, and an early hour for the meeting to take place.
“Can you make it before eleven, Phil?” said Beauharnais. “The Emperor reviews the Camisetas Cruz Azul Baratas troops in the Bois de Boulogne at that hour, and we might fight Camisetas BARCELONA Baratas there handy before the review.”
“Done!” said I. “I want of all things to see the newly-arrived Saxon cavalry manoeuvre:” on which Cambaceres, giving me a look, as much as to say, “See sights! Watch cavalry manoeuvres! Make your soul, and take measure for a coffin, my boy!” walked away, naming our mutual acquaintance, Marshal Ney, to Eugene, as his second in the business.
I had purchased from Murat a very fine Irish horse, Bugaboo, out of Smithereens, by Fadladeen, which ran into the French ranks at Salamanca, with poor Jack Clonakilty, of Camisetas Cavani Baratas the 13th, dead, on the top of him. Bugaboo was too much and too ugly an animal for the King of Naples, who, though a showy horseman, was a bad rider across country; and Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Unkari Paidat I got the horse for a song. A wickeder and uglier brute never wore pig-skin; and I never put my leg over such a timber-jumper Camisetas Checa Baratas in my life. I rode the horse down to the Bois de Boulogne on the morning that the affair with Cambaceres was to come off, and Lanty held him as I went in, ?links:




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od advice is all right, but Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Orlando Cit Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Orlando City Paidat y Paidat it don’t get the weeds out of the corn.”
“Maybe not, but it sometime Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Olympique Lyon Paidat s puts in the crop, and it sometimes keeps the fields for corn to grow in,” said Alexandra dryly. “Why, Lou, I Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Olympique Lyon Paidat can remember when you and Oscar wanted to sell this homestead and all the improvements to old preacher Goedkope Leipzig Goedkope Leipzig Voetbalshirts Voetbalshirts Ericson for two thousand dollars. If I’d consented, you’d have gone Camisetas Diego Costa Baratas down to the Camisetas Mertens Baratas river and scraped along on poor farms for the rest of your lives. When I put in our first field of alfalfa you both opposed me, just because I first heard about it from a young man who had been to the University. You said I was being taken in then, and all the neighbors said so. You know Camisetas Olympique Marsella Baratas as well as I do that alfalfa has been the salvation of this country. You all laughed at me when I said our land here was about ready for wheat, and I had to raise three big wheat crops before the neighbors quit putting all their land in corn. Why, I remember you cried, Lou, when we put in the first big wheat-planting, and said everybody was laughing at Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Itävalta Paidat us.”
Lou turned to Oscar. “That’s the woman of it; if she tells you to put in a crop, she thinks she’s put it in. It makes women conceited to meddle in business. I shouldn’t think you’d want to remind us how hard you were on us, Alexandra, after the way you baby Emil.”
“Hard on you? I never meant to be hard. Conditions were hard. Maybe I would never have Camisetas Martinez Baratas been very soft, anyhow; but I certainly didn’t choose to be the kind of girl Camisetas Mata Baratas I was. If you take even a vine and cut it back again and again, it grows hard, like a tree.”
Lou felt that they were wandering from the point, and that in digression Alexandra might unnerve him. He wiped his forehead with a jerk of his handkerchief. “We never doubted you, Alexandra. We never questioned anything you did. You’ve always had your own way. But you can’t expect us to sit like stumps and see you done out of the property by any loafer who happens along, and making yourself ridiculous into the bargain.”
Oscar links:




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I do to get hold on eternal li Jolies Porte-Clés Pas cher fe?” Nike Air Zoom Mujer Baratas or “What shall I do to fill my purse this blessed day? Where shall I go? What bargains Jolies Porte-Clés Pas cher shall I strike?” The purse and the gold and the notes is real things; things as can be felt and touched; t Fitflop Homme Pas cher hem’s realities; and eternal life is all a talk, very fit for — I ax your pardon, sir; yo’r a parson out o’ work, I believe. Well! I’ll never speak disrespectful of a man in the same fix as I’m in mysel’. But I’ll just ax yo another question, sir, and I dunnot want yo to answer it, only to put in yo’r pipe, and smoke it, afore yo’ go for to set down us, who Nike Air Zoom Mujer Baratas only believe in what we see, as fools and noddies. If salvation, and life to come, and what not, was true — not in men’s words, but in men’s hearts’ core — dun yo’ not think they’d din us wi’ it as they do wi’ political ‘conomy? They’re mighty anxious to come round us wi’ that piece o’ wisdom; but t’other would be a Fitflop Homme Pas cher greater convarsion, if it were true.’
‘But the masters have Camisetas Albania Baratas nothing to do with your religion. All that they are connected with you in is trade — so they think — and all that it Doudoune North Face Bionic Homme Pas cher concerns them, therefore, to rectify your opinions in is the science of trade.’
‘I’m glad, sir,’ said Higgins, with a curious wink of his eye, ‘that yo’ put in, “so they think.” I’d ha’ thought yo’ a hypocrite, I’m afeard, if yo’ hadn’t, for all yo’r a parson, or rayther because yo’r a parson. Yo’ see, if yo’d spoken o’ religion as a thing that, if it was true, it didn’t concern all men to press on all men’s attention, Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Guadalajara Paidat above everything else in this ‘varsal earth, I should ha’ thought yo’ a knave for to be a parson; and I’d rather think yo’ a fool than a knave. No offence, I hope, sir.’
‘None at all. Goedkope Zwitserland Voetbalshirts You consider me mistaken, and I consider you far more fatally mistaken. I don’t expect to convince you in Camisetas Ozil Baratas a day — not in one conversation; but let us know Parajumpers Miehet Windbreaker Desert each other, and speak freely to each other about these things, and the links:




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led them to the bridal-chamber she departed. And so Mats Hummels Pelipaidat th Mats Hummels Pelipaidat ey came gladly to the rites of their be Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Napoli Paidat d, as of old. But Telemachus, and the neatherd, and the swineherd stayed their feet from dancing, and made the women Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Napoli Paidat to cease, and themselves gat them to rest through Alexis Sanchez Pelipaidat the shadowy Alexis Sanchez Pelipaidat halls.
Now Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Florence Paidat when the twain had taken their fill of sweet love, they Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Juventus Paidat had delight in the tales, which they told one to the other. The fair lady spoke of all that she had endured in the halls at the sight of the ruinous throng of wooers, who for her sake slew many cattle, kine and goodly sheep; and many a cask of wine was broached. And Parajumpers New Big Bend Pas cher in turn, Odysseus, of the seed of Zeus, recounted all the griefs Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Maajoukkueen 2017/18 Paidat he had wrought on men, and all his Goedkope Albanië Voetbalshirts own travail and sorrow, and she was delighted with the story, and sweet sleep fell not upon her eyelids till the tale was ended.
He began by setting forth how he overcame the Cicones, and next arrived at the rich land of the Lotus-eaters, and all that the Cyclops wrought, and what a price he got from him for the good companions that he devoured, and showed no pity. Then how he came to Aeolus, who received him gladly and sent him on his way; but it was not yet ordained that he should reach his own country, Femmes Pas Cher for the storm-wind seized him again, and bare him over the teeming seas, making grievous moan. Next how he came to Telepylus of the Laestrygonians, who brake his ships and slew all his goodly-greaved companions, and Odysseus only escaped with his black ship. Then he told all the wiles and many contrivances of Circe, and how in a benched ship he fared to the dank house of Hades, to seek to the soul of Theban Teiresias. There he beheld all those that had been his companions, and his mother who bore him and nurtured him, while yet he was a little one. Then how he heard the song of the full-voiced Sirens, and came to the Rocks Wandering, and to terrible Charybdis, and to Scylla, that never yet have men avoided scatheless. Next he told how his company slew the kine of Helios, and how Zeus, that thunders on high, smote links:




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