[News] Siebte MKWii-Liga-Saison beendet!

geschrieben von Heringway - 19.10.2009 - 19:30

Am gestrigen Tag haben wir unsere siebte (!) MKWii-Liga-Saison beendet.

Mehr lesen Saison-Ergebnisse:

Überraschend viele Teilnehmer haben diesmal leider gar nicht die erforderlichen 32 Rennen absolviert, um in die Wertung mit aufgenommen zu werden. Besonders ärgerlich für Nohi, der durchschnittlich gesehen sogar mehr Punkte hatte als ich - aber wenn eben vier Rennen fehlen... crazy'
So habe ich also einen glanzlosen Liga-Sieg feiern können - alles in allem bin ich aber doch recht zufrieden.

So - aber wie soll es nun weitergehen? Nächsten Sonntag die selbe Prozedur wie immer oder doch was ganz anderes? Wird mal wieder Zeit für eine Diskussion im Forum. wink



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d and definitely per Camisetas Alaves Baratas sonal about him. Camisetas Alaves Baratas Even his Zlatan Ibra Zlatan Ibrahimovic Pelipaidat himovic Pelipaidat clothes, his Norfolk coat and his very high collars, were a little unconventional. He seemed to shrink into himself as he used to do; to hold himself away from things, as if he Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Seattle Sounders Paidat were afraid of being hurt. In short, he was more self-conscious than a man of thirty-five is expected to be. He looked older than his years and not very strong. His black hair, which still hung in a triangle over his pale forehead, was thin at the crown, and there were fine, relentless lines about his eyes. His back, with its high, sharp shoulders, looked like the back of an over-worked German professor off on his Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Seattle Sounders Paidat holiday. His face was intelligent, sensitive, unhappy.
That evening after supper, Carl and Alexandra were sitting by the clump of castor beans in the middle of the flower garden. The gravel paths glittered in the moonlight, and below them the fields lay white and still.
“Do you know, Alexandra,” he was saying, “I’ve been thinking how strangely things work out. I’ve been away engraving other men’s pictures, and you’ve stayed at home and made your own.” He pointed with his cigar toward the sleeping landscape. “How in the world have you Camisetas Alaba Baratas done it? How have your neighbors done it?”
“We hadn’t any of us Fitflop lulu Pas cher much Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Alankomaat Paidat to do with it, Carl. The land did it. It had its little joke. It pretended to be poor because nobody knew how to work it right; and then, all at once, it worked itself. It woke up out of its sleep and stretched itself, and it was so big, so rich, that we suddenly found we were rich, just from sitting still. As for me, you remember when I began to buy land. For years after that I was always Ralph Lauren Hoodies Pas Cher squeezing and borrowing until I was ashamed to show my face in Camisetas Dzeko Baratas the banks. And then, all at once, men began to come to me offering to lend me money — and I didn’t need it! Then I went Camisetas Noruega Baratas ahead and built this house. I really built it for Emil. I want you to see Emil, Carl. He is so different from the rest of us!”
“How different?”
“Oh, you’ll see! I’m sulinks:




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seat upon the raft.
“My poor Nike Air Huarac Nike Air Huarache Mujer Baratas he Mujer Barat Parajumpers Adirondack Pas cher as good man,” said she, “why is Neptune so furiously angry with you? He is giving you a great Parajumpers Adirondack Pas cher deal of trouble, but for Baloncesto Baratas all his bluster he will not kill you. You seem to be a sensible person, do then as I bid you; strip, Baloncesto Baratas leave your raft to drive before the wind, and swim to the Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Manchester United Paidat Phaecian coast where better luck awaits you. And here, take my veil and put it round your chest; it is enchanted, and you can come to no harm so long as you wear it. Philipp Lahm Pelipaidat As soon as you touch land take it off, throw it back as far as you can into the sea, and then go away again.” With these words she took off her veil and gave it him. Then she dived down again like a sea-gull and vanished beneath Goedkope Florence Voetbalshirts the dark blue waters.
But Ulysses did not Camisetas Pogba Baratas know what to think. “Alas,” he said to himself in his dismay, “this is only some one or other of the gods who is luring me to ruin by advising me to will quit my raft. At any rate I will not do so at present, for the land where she said I should be quit of all troubles seemed to be still a good way off. I know what I will do — I am sure it will be best — no matter what happens I will stick to the raft as long as her timbers hold together, but when the sea breaks her up I will swim for it; I Camisetas Walcott Baratas do not see how I can do any better than this.”
While he was thus in two minds, Neptune sent a terrible great wave that seemed to rear itself above his head till it broke right over the raft, which then went to pieces as though it were a heap of dry chaff tossed about Peuterey Luna Yd Femme Pas cher by a whirlwind. Ulysses got astride of one plank and rode upon it as if he were on horseback; he then took off the clothes Calypso had given him, bound Ino’s veil under his arms, and plunged into the sea — meaning to swim on shore. King Neptune watched him as he did so, and wagged his head, muttering to himself and saying, “’There now, swim up and down as you best can till you fall in with well-to-do people. I do not think you will be able to say that I have let you off too lightly.” On this he laslinks:




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se details of appearance she had just been notici Camisetas Holanda Baratas ng, seemed to ex Maglia Dortmund plain the attraction they evidently felt towards each other.
She rearranged her mother’s worsted-work, and fell back into Camisetas Holanda Baratas her own thoughts — as completely forgotten by Mr. Thornton as if she ha Maglia AC Milan d not been in the room, so thoroughly was Maglia Dortmund he occupied in explaining to Mr. Hale the magnificent power, yet delicate adjustment of the might of the steam-hammer, which was recalling to Mr. Hale some of the wonderful stories of subservient genii in the Arabian Nights — one moment stretching from earth to sky and filling all the width of the horizon, at the next obediently compressed into a vase small enough to be borne in the hand of a child.
‘And this imagination of power, this practical realisation of a gigantic thought, came out of one man’s brain in our good town. That very man has it within him to mount, step by step, on each wonder he achieves to higher marvels still. And I’ll be bound to say, we have many among us who, if he were gone, could spring into the breach Maglia AC Milan and carry on the war which compels, and shall compel, all material power to yield to science.’
‘Your boast reminds me of the old lines —“I’ve a Camisetas David Luiz Baratas hundred captains in England,” he said, “As good as ever was he.”’
At her father’s Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Celtics Paidat quotation Margaret looked suddenly up, with inquiring wonder in her eyes. How in the world had they got from Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Saksa Paidat cog-wheels to Chevy Chace?
‘It is no boast of mine,’ replied Mr. Thornton; ‘it is plain matter-of-fact. I won’t deny that I am proud Yaya Toure Pelipaidat of belonging to a town — or perhaps I should rather say a district — the necessities of which give birth to such grandeur Camisetas Muller Baratas of conception. I would rather be a man toiling, suffering — nay, failing and successless — here, than lead a dull prosperous life in the old worn grooves of what you call more aristocratic society down in the South, with their slow days of careless ease. One may be clogged Peuterey Stripes Yd Homme Pas cher with honey and unable to rise and fly.’
‘You are mistaken,’ said Margaret,links:



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d Salem, Ebenezer, and Sion, nor do the ministers within Camisetas Coman Baratas them loo Mulberry Femmes Cartables Pas cher k in any way like Camisetas Coman Baratas the Deputy-Shepherd. The churches belonging to those sects are often handsome. This is especially the case in New Mulberry Femmes Cartables Pas Goedkope Club America Voetbalshirts cher York, and the pastors are not unfrequently among the best educated and most agreeable men whom the traveler will meet. They are for the most part well paid, and are enabled by their outward position to hold that place in the world’s ranks Goedkope Club America Voetbalshirts which should always belong to a clergyman. I have not been able to obtain information from which I can state with anything like correctness what may be the average income of ministers of the Gospel in the Northern States; but that it is much higher than the average Camisetas Chelsea Baratas income of our parish clergymen, admits, I Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Paris Saint Germain Paidat think, of no doubt. The stipends of clergymen in the American towns are higher than those paid in the country. The opposite to this, I think, as a rule, is the Ralph Lauren Manches Longues Pas Cher case with us.
I have said that religion in the States is rowdy. By that I mean to imply that it seems to me to be divested of that reverential order and strictness of rule which, according to our ideas, should be attached to matters of Fitflop lulu Pas cher religion. One hardly knows where the affairs of this world end, or where those of the next begin. When the holy men were had in at the lecture, were they doing stage-work or church-work? On hearing sermons, one is often driven to ask one’s self whether the discourse from the pulpit be in its nature political or religious. I heard an Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Juventus Paidat Episcopalian Protestant clergyman talk of the scoffing nations of Europe, because at that moment he was angry with England and France about Slidell and Mason. I have heard a chapter of the Bible read in Congress at the desire of a member, and very badly read. After which the chapter itself and the reading of it became a subject of debate, partly jocose and partly acrimonious. It is a common thing for a clergyman to Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Arsenal Paidat change his profession and follow any other pursuit. I know two or three gentlemen who were once in that line of life, but have since gone into othelinks:



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many difficulties in their way. In the first place th Camisetas Rayo Vallecano Baratas ey have no financier, no man who by natural aptitude and by long-continued c Camisetas Boteng Baratas ontact with great questions of finance, has enabled himself to handle the money affairs of a nation with a master’s hand. Camisetas Rayo Vallecano Baratas In saying this I do not intend to impute any blame to Mr. Chase, the present Secretary of the Treasury. Goedkope SC Heerenveen Voetbalshirts Of his ability to do Camisetas Boteng Baratas the work properly had he received the proper training, I am not able to judge. It is not that Mr. Chase is incapable. He may be capable or incapable. But Goedkope SC Heerenveen Voetbalshirts it is that he has not had the education of a national financier, and that he has no one at his elbow to help him who has had that advantage.
And here we are again brought to that general absence of statecraft which has been the result of the American system of government. Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Barcelona Paidat I am not aware that our Chancellors of the Exchequer have in late years Sweat Pas cher always been great masters of finance; but they have at any rate been among money men and money matters, and have had financiers at their elbows if they have not deserved the name themselves. The very fact that a Chancellor of the Exchequer sits in the house of Commons and is forced in that House to answer all questions on the subject of finance, renders it impossible that he should be ignorant of the rudiments of the science. If you put a white cap on a man’s head and place him in a kitchen, he will soon learn to be a cook. But he will never be made a cook by standing in the dining-room and seeing the dishes as they are Moncler Untuvatakki Miehet brought up. The Chancellor of the Exchequer is our cook; and the House of Commons, not Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo AC Milan Paidat the Treasury chambers, is his kitchen. Let the Secretary of the United States Treasury sit in the House of Representatives! He would learn more there by contest with opposing members than he can do by any amount of study in his own chamber.
But the House of Representatives itself has not as yet learned Camisetas Busquets Baratas its own lesson with reference to taxation. When I Maglia Orlando City say that the United States are in want of a financier, I do not mean that the deficiency restslinks:




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