[News] Siebte MKWii-Liga-Saison beendet!

geschrieben von Heringway - 19.10.2009 - 19:30

Am gestrigen Tag haben wir unsere siebte (!) MKWii-Liga-Saison beendet.

Mehr lesen Saison-Ergebnisse:

Überraschend viele Teilnehmer haben diesmal leider gar nicht die erforderlichen 32 Rennen absolviert, um in die Wertung mit aufgenommen zu werden. Besonders ärgerlich für Nohi, der durchschnittlich gesehen sogar mehr Punkte hatte als ich - aber wenn eben vier Rennen fehlen... crazy'
So habe ich also einen glanzlosen Liga-Sieg feiern können - alles in allem bin ich aber doch recht zufrieden.

So - aber wie soll es nun weitergehen? Nächsten Sonntag die selbe Prozedur wie immer oder doch was ganz anderes? Wird mal wieder Zeit für eine Diskussion im Forum. wink



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ight not have been successful; but if succ Spyder Pas cher essful, there would have been no war. I do not mean to brand Spyder Pas cher Arctic Anorak Homme Pas cher all the Southern States with treason, nor do I intend to say that, having secession at heart, they could have obtained it by constitutional means. But I do intend to say that, acting as they did, demanding sece Ralph Lauren Veste Pas Cher ssion not constitutionally, but in Arctic Anorak Homme Pas cher opposition to the constitution, taking upon themselves the right of breaking up a nationality of which they formed only a part, and doing that without consent of the other part, opposition from the North and war was an inevitable consequence.
It is, I think, only necessary to look back to the Revolution by which the United States separated themselves from England to see this. There is hardly to be met, here and there, an Englishman who Ralph Lauren Veste Pas Cher now regrets the loss of the revolted American colonies; who now Goedkope Chelsea Voetbalshirts thinks that civilization was retarded and the world injured by that revolt; who now conceives that England should have expended more treasure and more lives in the hope of retaining those colonies. It is agreed that the revolt was a good thing; that those who were then rebels became patriots by success, and that they deserved well Camisetas Santos Baratas of all coming ages of mankind. But not the less absolutely necessary was it that England should endeavor to hold her own. She was as the mother bird when the young bird will fly alone. She suffered those pangs which Nature calls upon mothers to endure.
As was the necessity of British opposition to American independence, so was the necessity of Fitflop Frou Pas cher Northern opposition to Southern secession. I do not say that in other respects the two cases were parallel. The States separated Camisetas Liverpool Baratas from us because they would not endure taxation without representation — in other words, because they were old enough and big enough to go alone. The South is seceding from the North because the two are not homogeneous. They have different instincts, different appetites, different morals, and Parajumpers Kodiak Homme Pas cher a different culture. It is well for one man Montblanc Stylos Starwalker Pas cher to say that slavery has caused the separatilinks:




#449828 von vrr0bBqXSk@gmail.com 16.09.2017 - 15:54
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g to meet Parajumpers Naiset Denali in a pot-house to drin Parajumpers Naiset Denali k to her memory.”
A great Parajumpers N Parajumpers Naiset Californian Mystic aiset Californian Mystic deal of this was my invention. Goedkope Boca Juniors Voetbalshirts Silence followed, profound silence. She did not stir.
“And is it Parajumpers Lapset Takki better to die in a hospital?”
“Isn’t it just the same? Besides, why Goedkope Goedkope Boca Juniors Voetbalshirts Oostenrijk Voetbalshirts should I die?” she added irritably.
“If not now, a little later.”
“Why a little later?”
“Why, indeed? Now you are young, pretty, fresh, you fetch a high price. But after another year of this life you will be very different — you will go off.”
“In a year?”
“Anyway, in a year you will be worth less,” I continued malignantly. “You will go from here to something lower, another house; a year later — to a third, lower and lower, and in seven years you will come to a basement in the Haymarket. That will be if you were lucky. But it would be much worse if you got some disease, consumption, say . . . and caught a chill, or something or other. It’s not easy to get over an illness in your way of life. If you catch anything you may not get rid of it. And so you would die.”
“Oh, well, then I shall die,” she answered, quite vindictively, and she made a quick movement.
“But one is sorry.”
“Sorry for whom?”
“Sorry for life.” Silence.
“Have you been engaged to be married? Eh?”
“What’s that to you?”
“Oh, I am not cross-examining you. It’s nothing to me. Why are you so cross? Goedkope Southampton Voetbalshirts Of course you may have had your own troubles. What is it to me? It’s simply that I felt sorry.”
“Sorry for whom?”
“Sorry for you.”
“No need,” she whispered hardly audibly, and again made a faint Peuterey Hurricane Wd Homme Pas cher movement.
That incensed me at once. What! I was so gentle with her, and she . . . Goedkope NAC Breda Voetbalshirts .
“Why, do you think that you are on the right path?”
“I don’t think anything.”
“That’s what’s wrong, that you don’t think. Realise it while there is still time. There still is time. You are still young, good-looking; Camisetas Santos Baratas you might love, be married, be happy . . . . ”
“Not all married women are happlinks:




#449827 von zhuoxin72benqian@163.com 16.09.2017 - 15:54
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e and country. Parajumpers Kodiak Homme Pas cher First I lost my brave and lion-hea Goedkope Oostenrijk Voetbalshirts rted husband, who had every good quality under heaven, and whose name was great over all Hellas and middle Argos, and now my darling son is at the mercy of the winds and waves, without my having heard one word Goedkope Barcelona Voetbalshirts about his leaving home. You hussies, there was Parajumpers Kodiak Homme Pas cher not one of you would so much as think of giving me a call out of my bed, though you all of you very well knew when he was starting. If I Goedkope Oostenrijk Voetbalshirts had known he meant Goedkope Barcelona Voetbalshirts taking this voyage, he would have had to give it up, no matter how much he was bent upon it, or leave me a corpse behind him — one or other. Now, however, go some of you and call old Dolius, who was given me by my father on my marriage, and who is my gardener. Bid him go at once and tell everything to Laertes, who may be able to hit on some plan for enlisting public sympathy on our side, Maglia Francia as against those who are trying to exterminate his own race and that of Ulysses.”
Then the Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Leicester City Paidat dear old nurse Euryclea said, “You may kill me, Madam, or let me live on in your house, whichever you please, but I will tell you the real truth. I knew all about it, and gave him everything he wanted in the way of bread and wine, but he made me take my solemn oath that I would not tell you anything for some ten or twelve days, unless you asked or happened Nike Flyknit Racer Baratas to hear of his having gone, for he did not want you to Spyder Pas cher spoil your beauty by crying. And now, Madam, wash your face, change your dress, and go upstairs with your maids to offer Parajumpers Lapset Takki prayers to Minerva, daughter of Aegis-bearing Jove, for she can save him even though he be in the jaws of death. Do not trouble Laertes: he has trouble enough already. Besides, I cannot think that the gods hate die race of the race of the son of Arceisius so much, but there Goedkope Serie A Voetbalshirts will be a son left to come up after him, and inherit both the house and the fair fields that lie far all round it.”
With these words she made her mistress leave off crying, and dried the tears from her eyes. Penelope washed her face, changed her dress, and went upstairs with her links:




#449826 von vml650169@gmail.com 16.09.2017 - 15:54
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uided by circumstances both in the Pantalon Pas cher examination of that plain, and the course I Maglia Paris Saint-Germain should ultimately pursue. The cart being fit for Pantalon Pas cher use on Maglia Paris Saint-Germain the morning of the 12th we again left the creek, and at four miles on an east by north course arrived at Parajumpers Naiset Denali the Parajumpers Naiset Denali sand hill to which I desired to go; from Goedkope NAC Breda Voetbalshirts that point I proceeded to the N.N.W., that appearing to be the general direction of the creek upwards; but as there were lines of box-trees on both sides of us, those to our left being denser than the right, I moved for them over a plain of Moncler Untuvatakki Miehet about five miles in breadth, but so full of cracks and fissures that we had great difficulty in crossing it. Not-withstanding, however, that the cart fell constantly into them, we got it safely over. Not finding any water under or near the trees I turned a little to the north, keeping wide of the creek; but, coming on its channel again at five miles, I halted, because there happened to be a little grass there, and we were fortunate enough, after some perseverance, to find a muddy puddle that served the horses, however unfit for our use. From the appearance of the plain before us, I hardly anticipated success in our undertaking. We had evidently arrived near the head of the creek, and I felt assured that if the features Goedkope Barcelona Voetbalshirts of the country here, were similar to those of other parts of the interior, we should, between where we then were, and some distant sand hills, again find ourselves travelling over a salt formation. The evening had closed Camisetas Santos Baratas in with a cloudy sky, and the wind at W.N.W., and during the night we had two or three flying showers, but they were really in mockery of rain, nor was any vestige of it to be seen in the morning, which broke with a clear sky, and the wind from the S.E.
As soon as morning dawned we saddled our horses and made Peuterey Climarron Femme Pas cher for the head of the plain, crossing bare and heavy ground until we neared the sand hills, when observing that I was leaving the creek, which I Nike Flyknit Racer Baratas was anxious to trace up, we turned to the north-east for a line of gum-trees, but the channel was scarcely perceptilinks:




#449825 von ivd781969@gmail.com 16.09.2017 - 15:54
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yawning, Pantalon Pas cher occasionally asking: ‘What became of Company-Sergeant-Major Hoyt?’ . . . Peuterey Hurricane Wd Homme Pas cher They might talk till Pantalon Pas cher half-past three.
But Peuterey Hurricane Wd Homme Pas cher that was troublesome to a gentleman seeking to recapture what exact Nike Flyknit Racer Baratas ly were his relations with his wife.
Before the doctor’s batman had interrupted him by speaking startlingly of 0 Nine Morgan, Tietjens had got as far as what follows with his recapitulation: The lady, Mrs Tietjens, was certainly without mitigation a whore; he himself equally certainly and without qualification had been physically faithful to the lady and their marriage tie. In law, then, he was absolutely in the right of it. But that fact had less weight than a cobweb. For after the last of her high-handed divagations from fidelity he had accorded to the lady the shelter of his roof and of his name. She had lived for years beside him, apparently on terms of hatred and miscomprehension. But certainly in conditions of chastity. Then, during the tenuous and lugubrious small hours, before his coming out there again to France, she had given evidence of a madly vindictive passion for his person. A physical passion at any rate.
Well, Nike Flyknit Racer Baratas those were times of mad, fugitive emotions. But even in the calmest times a man could not expect to have a woman live with him as the mistress of his house and mother of his heir without establishing Peuterey Climarron Femme Pas cher some sort of claim upon him. They hadn’t slept together. But was it not possible that a constant measuring together of your minds was as proper to give you a proprietary right as the measuring together of the limb? It was perfectly possible. Well then . . .
What, in the eyes of Fitflop Frou Pas cher God, severed a union? . . . Goedkope NAC Breda Voetbalshirts Certainly he had imagined — until that very afternoon — that their union had JUGADORES Baratas been cut, as the tendon of Achilles is cut in a hamstringing, by Sylvia’s Camisetas A.Guardado Baratas clear voice, outside his house, saying in the dawn to a cabman, ‘Paddington!’ . . . He tried to go with extreme care through Ralph Lauren Veste Pas Cher every detail of their last interview in his still nearly dark drawing-room at the other end of which shlinks:




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