[News] Siebte MKWii-Liga-Saison beendet!

geschrieben von Heringway - 19.10.2009 - 19:30

Am gestrigen Tag haben wir unsere siebte (!) MKWii-Liga-Saison beendet.

Mehr lesen Saison-Ergebnisse:

Überraschend viele Teilnehmer haben diesmal leider gar nicht die erforderlichen 32 Rennen absolviert, um in die Wertung mit aufgenommen zu werden. Besonders ärgerlich für Nohi, der durchschnittlich gesehen sogar mehr Punkte hatte als ich - aber wenn eben vier Rennen fehlen... crazy'
So habe ich also einen glanzlosen Liga-Sieg feiern können - alles in allem bin ich aber doch recht zufrieden.

So - aber wie soll es nun weitergehen? Nächsten Sonntag die selbe Prozedur wie immer oder doch was ganz anderes? Wird mal wieder Zeit für eine Diskussion im Forum. wink



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#449841 von xbc259089@gmail.com 16.09.2017 - 15:54
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man said as JUGADORES Baratas if ironically:
‘It Camisetas Santos Baratas seems as if I were not worth listening to by your high and mightiness. I said: “What about my foul squit of an uncle?” Your filthy, best friend.’
Tietjens said:
‘The general’s your Camisetas A.Guardado Baratas uncle? General Campion? What’s he done to you?’
The general had sent this fellow down to him with a note asking him, Tietjens, to keep an eye in his unit on a very good fellow and an admirable officer. The chit was in the general’s own writing, and contained the additional information as to Captain Mackenzie’s scholastic prowess . . JUGADORES Baratas . It had struck Tietjens as queer that the general should take so much trouble about a casual infantry company commander. How could the fellow have been brought markedly to his notice? Camisetas Santos Baratas Of Camisetas A.Guardado Baratas course, Campion was good-natured, like another man. If a fellow, half dotty, whose record showed Nike Flyknit Racer Baratas that he was a very good man, was brought Goedkope Serie A Voetbalshirts to his notice Campion would do what he could for him. And Tietjens knew that the general regarded himself, Tietjens, as a heavy, bookish fellow, able reliably to look after one of his protégés . . . Probably Campion imagined that they had no work to do in that unit: they might become an acting lunatic ward. Parajumpers Naiset Denali But if Mackenzie was Campion’s nephew the thing was explained.
The lunatic exclaimed:
‘Campion, my uncle? Why, he’s yours!‘
Tietjens said:
‘Oh no, he isn’t.’ The general was not even a Peuterey Hurricane Wd Homme Pas cher connection of his, but he did happen to be Tietjens’ godfather and his father’s oldest friend.
The other fellow answered:
‘Then it’s damn funny. Damn suspicious . . . Why should he be so interested in you if he’s not your filthy uncle? You’re no soldier . Parajumpers Lapset Takki . . You’re no sort Fitflop Frou Pas cher of a soldier . . . A meal sack, that’s what you look like . . . ’ He paused and then went on very quickly: ‘They say up at H.Q. that your wife has got hold of the disgusting general. I didn’t believe it was true. I didn’t believe you were that sort of fellow. I’ve heard a lot about you!’
Tietjens laughed atlinks:




#449840 von zhuoxin72benqian@163.com 16.09.2017 - 15:54
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spear. In the days of Hector and Ajax, the thing was don JUGADORES Baratas e in a more picturesque manner; and the songs of battle should, I think, b Goedkope Southampton Voetbalshirts e confined to those ages.
The ground occupied by the divisions on the farther or southwestern side of the Potomac was, as I have said, about twenty miles in length Goedkope Oostenrijk Voetbalshirts and perhaps seven in breadth. Through the whole of this district the soldiers JUGADORES Baratas were everywhere. The tents of the Goedkope Southampton Voetbalshirts various brigades were clustered together in streets, the regiments being divided; and the divisions combining the brigades lay apart at some distance from each other. But everywhere, at all points, there were some Goedkope Oostenrijk Voetbalshirts signs of military life. The roads were continually thronged with wagons, and Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Ranska Paidat tracks were opened for horses wherever a shorter way might thus be made available. On every side the trees were falling or had fallen. In some places whole woods had been felled with the express purpose of rendering the ground impracticable for troops; and firs and pines lay one over the other, still covered with their dark, rough foliage, as though a mighty forest had Maglia Paris Saint-Germain grown there along the ground, without any power to raise itself toward the heavens. In other places the trees had been chopped off from their trunks about Nike Flyknit Racer Baratas a yard from the ground, so that the soldier who cut Goedkope Serie A Voetbalshirts it should have no trouble in stooping, and the tops had been dragged away for firewood or for the erection of screens against the wind. Here and there, in solitary places, there were outlying tents, looking as though each belonged to some military recluse; and in the neighborhood of every division was to be found a photographing establishment upon wheels, in order that the men might send home Peuterey Hurricane Wd Homme Pas cher to their sweethearts pictures of themselves in their martial costumes.
I wandered about through these camps both on foot and on horseback day after day; and every now and then I would come upon a farm-house that was still occupied by its old inhabitants. Many of such houses had been deserted, and Goedkope Barcelona Voetbalshirts were now held by the senior officers of the army; but some of the old flinks:




#449839 von yzpZdXySHp@gmail.com 16.09.2017 - 15:54
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for the night, and went himself to lie quietly on the JUGA JUGADORES Baratas DORES Baratas terrace; and for all t Nike Flyknit Racer Baratas his hospitality he Nike Flyknit Racer Baratas declined to receive any reward from us, and said he was but doing his duty in taking us in. This worthy man, I thought, must doubtless be very well paid by o Goedkope Barcelona Voetbalshirts ur Government Goedkope Barcelona Voetbalshirts for making such sacrifices; but it appears that he does not get one single farthing, and that the greater number of our Levant Camisetas Santos Baratas consuls are paid at a similar rate of easy remuneration. If we have bad consular agents, have we a right to complain? If the worthy gentlemen cheat occasionally, can we reasonably be angry? But in travelling through these countries, English people, who don’t take into consideration the miserable poverty and scanty resources of their country, and are apt to brag and be proud of it, have their vanity hurt by seeing the representatives of every nation but their own well and decently maintained, and feel ashamed at sitting down under the shabby protection of our mean consular flag.
The active young men of our party had been on shore long before us, and seized Goedkope Serie A Voetbalshirts upon all the available horses in the town; but we relied upon a letter from Halil Pasha, enjoining all governors and pashas to help us Peuterey Hurricane Wd Homme Pas cher in all ways: and hearing we were the bearers of this document, the cadi and vice-governor of Jaffa came to wait upon the head of our party; declared that it was his delight and honour to set eyes upon us; that he would do everything in the world to serve us; that there were no horses, unluckily, but he would send and get some in three hours; and so left us with a world of grinning bows and many choice compliments from one side to the other, which came to each filtered through an obsequious interpreter. But hours passed, and the clatter of horses’ hoofs was not heard. We had our dinner of eggs and flaps of bread, and the sunset gun fired: we had our pipes and coffee again, and Camisetas A.Guardado Baratas the night fell. Is this man throwing Ralph Lauren Veste Pas Cher dirt upon us? we began to think. Is he laughing at our beards, Goedkope Southampton Voetbalshirts and are our mothers’ graves ill-treated by this smiling swindllinks:




#449838 von zhuoxin72benqian@163.com 16.09.2017 - 15:54
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Mr. Henry Lennox was suddenly announced. Some of the ladies started bac Parajumpers Naiset Denali k, as if half-ashamed of their femini Goedkope Barcelona Voetbalshirts ne interest in dress. Mrs. Shaw held out her hand to the new-comer; Margaret stood perfectly still, thinking she might be yet wanted as a sort of block for the shawls; but looking at Parajumpers Naiset Denali Mr. Lennox with Goedkope Barcelona Voetbalshirts a bright, amused face, as Camisetas Santos Baratas if sure of his sympathy in her sense of the ludicrousness at being thus surprised.
Her aunt was so much absorbed in asking Mr. Henry Lennox — who had not been able to come to dinner — all sorts of questions about his brother the bridegroom, his sister the bridesmaid (coming with the Captain from Scotland for the occasion), and various other members of the Lennox family, that Margaret saw she was no more wanted as Camisetas Santos Baratas shawl-bearer, and devoted herself to the amusement of the other visitors, whom her aunt had for the moment forgotten. Almost immediately, Goedkope Oostenrijk Voetbalshirts Edith came in from the back drawing-room, winking and blinking her eyes at the stronger light, shaking back her slightly-ruffled curls, and altogether looking like the Sleeping Beauty just startled from her dreams. Even in her slumber she had instinctively felt that a Lennox was worth rousing herself for; and she had a multitude Parajumpers Lapset Takki of questions to ask about dear Janet, the future, unseen sister-inlaw, for whom she professed so much affection, that if Margaret had not been very proud she might have almost felt jealous of the mushroom rival. As Margaret sank rather more into the background on her aunt’s joining the conversation, she saw Henry Lennox directing his look towards Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Ranska Paidat a vacant seat near her; and she knew perfectly well that as soon as Edith released him from her questioning, he would take possession of that chair. She had not been quite sure, from her aunt’s rather confused account Peuterey Hurricane Wd Homme Pas cher of his engagements, whether he would come that night; it was almost a surprise to see him; and now she was sure of a pleasant evening. He liked and Ralph Lauren Veste Pas Cher disliked pretty nearly the same things that Pantalon Pas cher she did. Margaret’s face was lightened up into an honestlinks:




#449837 von zhuoxin72benqian@163.com 16.09.2017 - 15:54
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o,’ the other conceded. ‘It’s Maglia Paris Saint-Germain only all these mysterious rows. Now . . . ’
Tietjens s JUGADORES Baratas aid quickly:
‘Do you mind my asking: Are we still on parade? Is this a strafe from General Campion as to the way I command my unit?’
The other Maglia Paris Saint-Germain conceded quite JUGADORES Baratas as Parajumpers Naiset Denali quickly and much more worriedly:
‘God forbid.’ He added more quickly still: ‘Old bean!’, and prepared to tuck his wrist under Tietjens’ elbow. Tietjens, however, continued to face the fellow. He was Parajumpers Naiset Denali really in a temper.
‘Then tell me,’ he Goedkope Serie A Voetbalshirts said, ‘how the deuce you can manage to do without an overcoat in this weather?’ If only he could get the chap off the topics of Pantalon Pas cher his mysterious rows they might drift to the Camisetas Santos Baratas matter that had brought him up there on that bitter night when he should be sitting over a good wood fire philandering with Mlle Nanette de Bailly. He sank his neck deeper into the sheepskin collar of his British warm. The other, slim, was with all his badges, ribands and mail, shining darkly in a cold that set all Tietjens’ teeth chattering like porcelain. Levin became momentarily animated:
‘You should do as I do . . . Regular hours . . . lots of exercise . . . horse exercise . . . I do P.T. every morning at the open window of my room . . . hardening . . . ’
‘It must be very gratifying for the ladies in the rooms facing yours,’ Tietjens said grimly. ‘Is that what’s the matter with Mlle Nanette, now? . . . Ostaa Halpa Jalkapallo Ranska Paidat I haven’t got time for proper exercise . . .
‘Good gracious, no,’ the colonel, said. He now tucked his hand firmly under Tietjens’ arm and began to work him towards the left hand of the road: in the direction leading out of camp. Tietjens worked their steps as firmly towards the right and they Goedkope Oostenrijk Voetbalshirts leant one against the other. ‘In fact, old bean,’ the colonel said, ‘Campy is working so hard to get the command of a fighting army — though he’s indispensable here — that we might pack up bag and Parajumpers Lapset Takki baggage any day . . . That is what has made Nanette see reason . . . ’
‘Then what am I doilinks:




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